How we

Kinnings Signet

Our Mission


We invest in ambitious players who open up opportunities for children and young people. Together, we unleash the entrepreneurial potential of innovative organizations and multiply their impact.

We firmly believe that with the resources, skills and contacts available to us, we can make the most effective contribution to promoting equal opportunities for all children and young people.

It is still the case that the opportunities of children and young people are largely determined by their family background – and that is not fair. That is why we at the Kinnings Foundation have committed ourselves to a major goal: Our vision is that all children and young people have the chance to discover their passion, develop their strengths and take on responsibility.

Passion – because it releases energy for the development of one’s own potential.
Strengths – because they allow them to experience self-efficacy and give them the courage to try new things.
Responsibility – because it is the basis for living together in solidarity.

We are companions for the next step – for the Step Change


That doesn’t sound easy. And it isn’t. That’s why we are constantly on the lookout for players who open up opportunities for children and young people. The good news is that they already exist. The less good news is that many of them have not yet exhausted their potential. This is exactly where we come in. Together with our impact partners, we take their next step, equip them with resources, skills and a network, develop goals with them, are usually pragmatic and always opportunity-oriented.


In short: we are the companions for your step change. All with the focus on multiplying the impact of the players.

Its not a small amount that we want.

But there is also a lot at stake. We are involved in social enterprises that meet the following criteria:

A convincing management team

We invest in people and their ideas. In personalities who lead their organization in a target group-oriented manner with passion, integrity and an entrepreneurial mind – and who want to work on themselves to take their organization to the next level. We support these people with development, advice and networking.

A solid understanding of impact

We are looking for partners who can credibly demonstrate how their approach can make a significant contribution to solving a social problem and how the resources they deploy can have the most efficient impact.

A focus on Thuringia

Initially, we will focus on organizations that improve opportunities for children and young people in Thuringia. On the one hand, we want to work with local initiatives that want to multiply their impact locally – and on the other, with supra-regional players who want to launch or expand their services in Thuringia.

A clear path

We support impact partners in three fields of activity:

Strengthen Families

The first years of a child’s life are fundamental to its development. That is why we are committed to providing early help for parents of young children, especially for families with a migration background or immigrant background. After all, children and young people from these families are disproportionately likely to leave school without any qualifications.

Increasing self-efficacy


Nothing beats direct experience, formative encounters and experiences such as mentoring and stays abroad, and experiencing impact through personal commitment. All of this strengthens the mental resources of children and young people, balances out the effects of their origins and even allows young people to surpass themselves. This is why we want to facilitate experiences of self-efficacy together with our partners.

Improving coexistance

The social climate in which young people grow up can hinder their own development and opportunities. So we need to improve it – and are supporting projects to promote democracy and prevent racism. And as life is increasingly taking place online, we are investing in access to digital media and the development of digital skills.