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There’s a lot going on out here. In Thuringia’s civil society, there are already some great players with innovation approaches to impact who are helping our shared goals. So why should we develop programms ourselves? Exactly. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel.

However, we believe: There is still more to be done. That’s why we want to help particularly promising ideas and approaches to reach even more children and young people and thus have a much greater impact on society.

To this end, we keep a constant eye on civil society and actively seek out funding partners.


In short, we support stakeholders in taking their next step. And because such a step change takes time, we develop, advise and network over a period of at least three years. So we are actively involved, even with venture capital. And that is not a threat, but a promise.

Our Impact Pactners


Although we are still quite young as a foundation, we have already made a start and are supporting a handful of innovative impact partners. But take a look for yourself.


A number of civil society organisations, foundations, state institutions and private companies have joined forces in Alliance4Ukraine – as a network to coordinate services for refugees. The focus is on organisations that are active in Germany or have their headquarters in Germany.


Balu und Du e.V.

At Balu und Du, young, committed adults volunteer to sponsor an individual primary school child for at least one year. They support the child’s development through personal attention and active leisure activities on the basis of weekly meetings.


The Balu und Du mentoring programme helps to ensure that children are happier and more motivated, learn to develop in our society and successfully master the challenges of everyday life.


Basketball Löwen

The Basketball Lions are a non-profit association from Erfurt that places a strong focus on youth sport and youth projects such as BasKIDball and SPORT VERNETZT. The club’s holistic approach brings together people from a wide range of social backgrounds. Cosmopolitanism, tolerance and inclusion are the core values that the sports club represents socially.

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Bürgerstiftung Jena Saale-Holzland

As a centre for civic Engagement, the independent foundation promotes, supports and advises citizens, charitable initiatives and companies in order to work together locally. To this end, it creates engagement-friendly structures and implements a variety of projects. The aim is to improve the quality of life in Jena for everyone.


Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung Thüringen

The DKJS in Thuringia supports children and young people as well as multipliers in the field of education with various programmes. In particular, it brings together those actors involved in democratic development processes in and around schools in order to network the various areas of work in the sense of a common understanding of education – always with the aim of strengthening children and young people in their development.



The association “Futurist’s Agency for a new Cultural Kick-Off” (FACK e.V. for short) takes a decisive and imaginative stance against the lack of prospects, the exodus of young people and the strong right-wing extremist tendencies. The starting point and core of the activity is the low-threshold provision of spaces and resources for young people to implement their own project ideas in and around Altenburg, as well as a range of educational trips and dialogue events.



The colour kitchen is an initiative of Erlebe was geht gGmbH, a social enterprise for more social interaction and togetherness. Founded in 2015 in Altenburg, the active members develop programmes, places and networks for and with city makers, people interested in founding a city and anyone who cares about the joint development of their city – whether in Altenburg or elsewhere. The Farbküche has set itself the task of reaching young people in particular in the city and surrounding area with graffiti and other art forms and offering them exciting creative opportunities.


Herausforderung einfach machen

Cycling a thousand kilometres from theRuhr area to Texel and back, exploring their own region in a wheelchair for a fortnight or longboarding from Berlin to the Baltic Sea-pupils aged 13 to 17 take on unusual learning experiences in the school programme “Herausfoerderung”, which build self-confidence, create self-efficacy and strengthen future skills.


Kindersprachbrücke Jena

The aim of the organisation in Jena is to support children, young people and families with non-German and German mother tongues in the development of their language, media and social skills:

There are language and play afternoons, individual language support and intensive language courses, language support for newly immigrated children, even a “kindergarten”. Kinnings enables the KSB to implement the “Pryvit

Heißt hallo!!” programme, which strengthens the educational opportunities of children of Ukrainian origin.



Librileo wants to make it easier for children and young adults living on social benefits to access better education and organised leisure activities. The organisation therefore supports their parents in claiming benefits from the state education and participation package to cover the costs of tutoring, school trips and leisure activities,

among other things. Nationwide, the take-up rate is just 28 per cent. In the Thuringian pilot locations of Jena and Erfurt, the figures are 5 and 38 per cent respectively.


Migranetz Thüringen

The “Landesnetzwerk der Migrant:innenorganisationen – MigraNetz Thüringen e.V.” networks and represents the political, economic, social and cultural interests of over 40 migrant organisations as well as the municipal migration, integration and foreigners’ advisory councils in Thuringia. To this end, the association strengthens the structures of the member organisations, ensures their professionalisation and visibility, provides them with further training and helps migrants or the foundation of associations. 


MoMoLo e.V.

The Jena children’s and youth circus “MoMoLo” has been offering young people from a wide range of social and cultural backgrounds a joint circus education platform for integration and creative action since 2006. During the year-round circus school, the numerous holiday projects, hands-on activities and educational collaborations, young people discover the circus. They develop their talents and are strengthened in their social and personal skills.


Plattform e.V.

The association is a think tank in search of sustainable solutions to social problems and issues and sees itself as a think and do tank for transferable model projects. Plattform passes on the experience and knowledge gained in the form of publications, conferences, workshops and teaching events at both national and international level. The Kinnings Foundation enables the implementation of two innovative educational programmes in the fields of entrepreneurship education and digital participation.



With its digital and analogue mentoring programme R!EACH!, ROCK YOUR LIFE! is one of the largest mentoring programmes in Europe. For this ROCK YOUR LIFE! connects students and employees with pupils in a unique programme 1-to-1 mentoring process. ROCK YOUR LIFE! accompanies the process with training, events and offers numerous further training programmes for mentees and mentors. This activates the potential of young people and enables them to find their vocation and experience their self-efficacy.