Our Vision

All children and young people have the opportunity to discover their passion, develop their strengths and take on responsibility.


Kinnings Signet

We promote opportunities.

Social entrepreneurs, those responsible in schools and education, committed people – we support everyone who is committed to more equal opportunities for children and young people. With capital, expertise and contacts. After all, everyone needs the support of others to start a self-determined and successful life. But not everyone gets it from home.


And therefore we are right in the centre of it all:
In Thuringia, in the heart of Germany. In a state that, compared to the rest of Germany, has relatively little private funding available for social initiatives. This is precisely where we go in search of what is possible. We promote entrepreneurial talent, invest in ambitious ideas and create opportunities together with our partners. So that doers can make an impact. Like when the founders of the Kinnings Foundation were able to take an important step towards building their successful company here. Thuringia gave them the chance to build something. To go their own way. Now it’s time to pass on the opportunities